Terms and Conditions of Use

By using our website, you accept the terms and conditions of use indicated herein automatically, and therefore you are requested to read them carefully. The user accepts that this declaration also relates to the individual contents of all television channels owned directly or indirectly by AMC Networks Central Europe Kft.

Information recorded by our servers:

When anyone logs into the website, our servers register the IP addresses of the user, the type of operating system and browser used, and some other information automatically. Such information will be used in aggregated and processed form only in order to correct any defect or to improve the quality of our services, and for statistical purposes. In certain cases the IP address and log file may be deemed personal data.

Spamming, electronic promotion mail:

Data that enables users to be contacted individually (such as e-mail addresses) will be used only for purposes approved by the user in advance and will not be disclosed to third parties without the user’s prior consent – unless required by law – under any circumstances.

AMC reserves the right to send information materials to users who registered on the website and, by doing so, agreed to receiving such information. Such emails can be sent until the user expressly objects to them and prohibits the sending of any further information, which they can do in the "profile settings” menu.

Data required to contact users physically:

Each visitor must register on the www.amcnipress.tv website in order to have access to the information stored on the site. The “mandatory data” to be supplied are always indicated. In this context, mandatory means that registration will fail if certain fields are not completed, but it does not mean that the provision of data is mandatory.

When we ask visitors to provide personal data on the website, they may decide freely whether or not to provide the requested information after reading and understanding the necessary explanations. However, each visitor must understand that unless they provide their requested personal data, they may not register on the amcnipress.tv site and will not be able the access the information stored on the site.

Users must provide true and accurate data during the registration process and update them in the case of any change. If a user provides false or incomplete data, AMC may delete the registration without prior notice.

By registering on the site, the user acknowledges that the data is provided voluntarily and on the basis of definite and adequate information, and the user consents to the processing of their data by AMC or any third party specified by AMC.

The user declares having received and understood adequate information on the effective data protection regulations and the rights and obligations arising therefrom, the available legal remedies, all facts relating to the processing of his or her data, and the parties authorised to manage data, and that his or her data is provided voluntarily.

Effective Data Protection Policy of AMC

By registering on the website, the user consents to AMC sending newsletters and marketing emails concerning its programmes to the email address provided by the user.

Data will be used only for purposes approved by the user in advance or specified by law, and data will not be disclosed to third parties without the user’s prior written consent (except for the exceptions required by law) under any circumstances.

The operator will irreversibly destroy the personal data when requested by you or the purpose of processing ceases.

Exclusion of liability:

Considering that the Internet is an open an unsecure network, AMC excludes any liability for damages that may arise from the destruction, late delivery, or other defect of electronic messages. The AMC editorial board does not take any responsibility for any technical problem that may occur at the user while watching the videos.


Unless indicated otherwise, the contents of the website constitute the intellectual property of AMC and may only be used within certain legal limitations.

The contents of the website are protected by copyright, and any unauthorised use may violate legal provisions on copyright, patents (trademarks), or other matters.

The user acknowledges and accepts that any content downloaded from the www.amcnipress.tv website may be used only in good faith and fairness, by focusing on the lawful interests of AMC and third parties, in a manner that does not violate or harm the reputation of AMC, and any other use constitutes unauthorised use. This provision applies especially to cases when a third party or AMC is shown negatively by means or with the help of the downloaded content, or when such content is used in an ancillary manner in such a context. The user accepts that if AMC comes across any such use, it may delete the user automatically without any prior notification, and the user shall be liable for any material and non-material damage and / or legal infringement caused during the use of, or in relation to, the contents downloaded by them.

Upon request by AMC, the user shall remove all contents downloaded from the www.amcnipress.tv website immediately (within 1 calendar year at the latest), the use of which is objected to by AMC for any reason. Apart from indicating the objection, AMC is not obliged to provide any explanation for the request for removal. If any third party, authority, or court has any claim or launches any proceeding against AMC in relation to the contents downloaded or used by the user, any and all liability shall be borne by the user. The user shall provide compensation for all damages, losses, and costs incurred by AMC due or in relation to any lawful conduct of the user, including the consequences of any lawsuit or other proceedings launched against AMC and all related expenses.

When using any downloaded content, the user shall indicate the source of the downloaded content accurately.

Miscellaneous provisions:

AMC has the right to modify the contents of these terms and conditions of use at its own discretion at any time. For this reason, it is recommended to visit this page time to time in order to ensure that you always are aware of the effective information.


All information published on the website is disclosed only for information purposes and AMC Network Central Europe Kft. takes no responsibility for its accuracy or up-to-date contents.

AMC may change these terms and conditions of use at any time, and provide information about any such change on the www.amcnipress.tv website.

Users shall comply with the provisions laid down in these Terms and Conditions and in the Data Protection Policy, even if they are not familiar with such provisions.